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55 Till Now Official Press Release

Deshaun Davis Films is about to start preproduction on “55Till Now.” Click on the link to read more.

Rapper Plies Releases Tribute Song about Trayvon Martin

WERE-AM 1490

via. Madame Noire

For the most part, I haven’t been a big fan of rapper Plies’s music. A majority of the time I can’t understand what he’s saying, but a lot of the time, I just think his lyrics are a bit too explicit for my tastes (“Bust It Baby, Pt.2″ for example), so when I heard he did a tribute video for Trayvon Martin, I was a little skeptical about what I would hear and see. But after watching and actually listening to the lyrics, I think he did an awesome job, and I have to applaud him for being one the first artists to do a recording (and video) about the slain teenager. In the video the rapper says he was especially touched by the young man’s death, probably because of the senselessness of it, and the fact that they’re both Florida natives. Throughout, we see images of…

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Sybrina Fulton, has clarified her statements on MSNBC

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Calls The Shooting an Accident, than Retracts her Statement

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin says that her statement about George Zimmerman killing her son accidentally was mischaracterized.

Here is here follow up statement:

Earlier today, I made a comment to the media that was later mischaracterized. When I referenced the word ‘accident’ today with regard to Trayvon’s death, in NO way did I mean the shooting was an accident.
We believe that George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood. The ‘accident’ I was referring to was the fact that George Zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. It was an accidental encounter. If George Zimmerman hadn’t gotten out of his vehicle, this entire incident would have been avoided.
My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was nothing accidental about that.

See the video of her original statement here:

Jahvaris Fulton, a computer student at Florida International University, said his brother wanted to go to college

Trayvon Martin’s Brother Speaks

After being silent on his brothers death, he now speaks out.

Special Prosecutor Decides against Grand Jury in Trayvon Martin Case

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