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Religion, Halloween and America’s Obsession with Fear

By Miguel Lloyd

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Admittedly we are getting ready to go through the one holiday that annoys me the most…Halloween. This is the day that people get all dressed up like ghost, witches, goblins and other demonic characters and all call it “fun.” This is the day that something that started as an honorable day of memorial, but morphed into a pagan ritual is used as another means for retail giants to make a little extra cash as they get ready for the real biggie with the guy with the jolly belly and red nose.

Well if you take a second look, this is probably just the day of the year that we, as a society, openly express our love for all things “dark.” With all the vampire, slasher and thriller movies and TV shows that come out weekly, you might say we celebrate this lifestyle daily. Even our longtime heroes like Batman, seem to be more appealing when he takes on his dark persona.

What is it about “fear” that is so intoxicating to us as a society? What is religions culpability in the exponential growth and popularity of this holiday? Are we truly making to big a deal about people just having fun? We’ll dig into this tonight. Our guest will be Rabbi Hyim Shafner.

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Drivers In Marriage: The “Players” Intervention

By Miguel Lloyd

 Update: We are doubling back on this show. We had some technical difficulties a couple weeks back, but the audience wanted us to finish this show, so we will.

Guest will include Mr. Solutions and Elitia Mattox from WhenLoveWorks Coaching 

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Well last weeks show was one of the more heated, yet enlightening conversations that we have had in the history of Life Full Circle Radio. What started as a conversation about what are peoples drivers to marriage, turned into a lot of discussions of Kia’s love life. Well that wasn’t the intention, but what can you do when it is live radio.

All jokes aside, it was good radio because Kia’s situation is similar to many women’s lives. Well educated, gainfully employed, yet not feeling fulfilled with their personal lives. We did our part to try and bring some clarity to what it is going to take to move on to the next stage in the “career woman’s” life. With a little help from callers like Mr. Solutions, I am not sure how many steps we took forward or back (you’ve got to hear the show to know what I am talking about.) Nonetheless, it was a great show.

Well there is another side to the relationship dynamic…the men. What are the men’s culpability in what many perceived as too many failed relationships between men and women. To many women left without a man to call their own, while they believe that the men are just running through them like water because thats the nature of man. Well I’ve got news for you, most men are looking for the same thing you are looking for, commitment and stability. Unfortunately women are putting out the wrong bait, and as unfortunate men aren’t demanding more.

Well this week, we are going to focus on these men. We are going to have a “players” intervention. Ladies we are going to give you a little more insight into what men are TRULY looking for, and why it is too often not what you are presenting. I’m sure we’ll have some of the same fireworks we experienced last week.

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Barack Obama is not today’s MLK…yet

By Miguel Lloyd

This is a repost from a short blog I wrote about 6 months ago.

This just in, President Barack Obama. is not a civil rights leader. He is the president. If you think he is going to put on his daishiki, grow an afro and sing old negro spirituals with your local pastor, I suggest you exhale now. Thats not CURRENTLY his job. Let him get his 8 years in, make some REAL change and we’ll see how active he gets in the black community after his time in office. Enjoy, him fighting for the education and health of you and our children. That’s todays civil rights fight. Please home team, pay attention to what is really going on!

Drivers in Marriage: Money or Tradition

By Miguel Lloyd

UPDATE If you missed this show, you need to check it out! Especially the ladies.  Click HERE to the replay!

Its only fitting on the day of my anniversary we will be talking about marriage. We are going to look at it from a little different angle though. We will be talking about what is dictating marriages today…Money or tradition.

When you look at the tradition of marriage, it is based in a committed relationship between one man and one woman. The man would go out and make a living and the wives would stay home and raise the children and take care of the housework. That worked well when most means of employment were physically demanding jobs that required the physical ability of men.

Well as our culture has “evolved” to a place where your mental aptitude is as important or more important than your physical ability, more women have entered the workplace and changed that landscape.

In the African-American community, beginning with slavery, the family was destroyed and its been an uphill battle ever since. Going back to the turn of the 20th century, while many white women were home living the life of “Mayberry”, black women were cleaning houses to help supplement the income that their husbands were making, just to make ends meet. It was not an abnormal occurrence for black families to have both parents away from home, while kids were fending for themselves until their parents got home.

Well in this day and age that story, long ago, crossed racial lines, which in turn probably contributed to the steady decline of the family structure. While more women were getting better educated  and in turn getting better jobs, they have become less dependent on men regardless of their race.

At the same time, more specifically, in the African-American community a lot of men have been looking for the quickest means to make a living. You have a ton of men who skip college, ignore vocational schools and deal drugs while they are waiting on that illusive recording contract. The result of that is fewer educated black men for professional black women to choose from. In my opinion, thats why a blog like Beyond Black and White is so popular or why homosexuality has become a “viable” option. FYI Brothers, more sistahs believe you aren’t worth the work…but I digress.

When its all said and done, we are made for companionship. The question is are we going to make those choices based on how much money our potential partners makes or on the tradition of building a family & legacy together? This week we will have some fun with this topic as we will bring back funny man Shed “Can I Vent” Garrett. Also will be real-life basketball wife, Terri Nembhard. We are also working on a pastor that will give us his perspective as well. Stay tuned. We should have confirmation on him by tomorrow.

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Respect due to Fred Shuttlesworth: Civil Rights Pioneer

Editors Note: We snatched this from a Facebook post. Eddie is one of the best bloggers you guys have probably never heard of. Enjoy

By Eddie Wisdom

Most of us are mourning the loss of a man, Steve Jobs, that was an innovator and created a platform and tools that all of use in one form or another (I-Phone, I-Tunes, I-Pad, I-Pod, Mac book, etc..). Steve Jobs was a pioneer and leader in the world of Information technology and
he will surely be missed by all.
We MUST also acknowledge, mourn the loss, and celebrate the life and never forget one of the most relentless figures of the Civil Rights Movement, the Reverend Fred Lee Shuttlesworth, who also passed away this week.
Rev. Shuttlesworth was born on March 18, 1922, in Montgomery County, Alabama. By 1950, Shuttlesworth was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, and in 1953, he became pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
In May of 1956, at a mass meeting at Bethel, Shuttlesworth established the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR). In December of that year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama, was illegal. Shuttlesworth immediately announced that the ACMHR was going to test segregation laws in Birmingham. On Christmas night the Shuttlesworth house was blown up by sixteen sticks of Ku Klux Klan dynamite. Shuttlesworth, who landed in the basement and whose bedroom was blown apart, and visiting Deacon Charles Robinson were unharmed. Shuttlesworth, then, led a rally the very next day. He was beaten by police in 1957 for trying to enroll his daughter in an all white school and that same year joined with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and Bayard Rustin to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He also assisted the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) in organizing the Freedom Rides. Shuttlesworth was hospitalized in 1963 as a result of being attacked by Sheriff Bull Connor’s water cannons as he led a mass nonviolent demonstration. However, Shuttlesworth continued to work to secure Birmingham’s public accommodations and the desegregation of its schools.
In 1966, Shuttlesworth became the pastor of the Greater New Light Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and served as founding director of the Shuttlesworth Housing Foundation. The recipient of numerous awards, Shuttlesworth is a remarkable figure and unsung hero of the Civil Rights Movement!!
I never met Rev. Shuttlesworth or have been honored to be in his presence, but on behalf of my family, “thank you Rev. Shuttlesworth!!” Thank you for praying, shouting, marching, and paving a way that allowed members of my family, my friends, and will allow those that will come behind us the opportunity to benefit from the adversity you and others like you had to overcome in efforts for us to be where we are today.
As a race, a community, and a country, I know we have come a long way since the dawn of the civil rights movement, but I am not blind to the fact we have not completed our journey. May you rest in peace Rev. Shuttlesworth, the responsibility of continuing to build bridges is on us now……let’s get to work!!
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