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2012 Man Up for Health Summit

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A Summit for Boys & Men that encourages healthy
lifestyles and healthy choices in diet, sexual relationships,
drug use and exercise. The Healthy Jacksonville Men’s
Health Coalition, Inc, will present a program that
recognizes the health disparities of men and boys as
they mature.

The alignment of workshops, screenings and informational
sessions hopes to empower and encourage boys as
they mature into manhood the importance of health
conscious decisions now and into their adult years.
Men are encouraged to attend to lower or eliminate
their risks of health challenges as they age into their
senior years.
Several studies conducted by the Health Department,
Jacksonville Children’s Commission,
Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI) and
JCCI Forward has shown the potential future of
unhealthy lifestyles and choices. These choices could
lead to hospitalization, diabetes (elevated sugar levels),
hypertension (high blood pressure) and other health

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