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The Black Panthers Deny Any Affiliation with The New Black Panther Party

According to this news alert from the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, the Original Black Panther party denies any affiliation with the New Black Panther party, and goes as far as to question their motives for existing. Read on

55TillNow. A Different Twist On The Emmett Till Story

By Miguel Lloyd

Recently I made a couple of trips to Glendora, MS with my good friend Deshaun Davis to do some discovery on a potential film project about the tragedy of Emmett Till. For those who may not know that story, please click here.

Well, Mayor Johnny B. Thomas has agreed to allow Deshaun to tell his story. Attached is a preview.

Melissa Harris-Perry’s take on Trayvon Martins Case

Stand Your Ground Law: The Story Behind The Trayvon Martin Death

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By Miguel Lloyd

This week on Life Full Circle we are asking the question that many are asking. Why is Trayvon Martin dead?

There are many stories that have circulated surrounding this story. One thing remains constant, Trayvon was unarmed and Zimmerman was not. Zimmerman outweighed Martin by 100 pounds and the 911 dispatcher clearer was trying to deter Zimmerman from pursuing. So why isn’t Zimmerman locked up? Try the “Stand Your Ground” Law.

Check back here on Life Full Circle leading up to the show Wednesday night as this story develops. We are working to secure an attorney and members of the law enforcement community as our guests. Stay Tuned.

Update: Former Jacksonville Sherriff and Current WJXT Expert Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson will be our guest.

Update: Just added as a guest tonight, is Kevin M. Cobbin, Attorney at Law  

Update: Just added, Veteran Public Defender and candidate for Judgeship, Melina Buncome will also be on our panel discussion 

Update: WESH (Orlando) Anchor Stewart Moore will give us the latest details 

Rep. Corrine Brown speaks about the Trayvon Martin death (VIDEO)

Update: The U.S. Justice Department is opening an investigation

Update: Grand Jury Investigation in Trayvon Martin Case

The Elephant in the Room, Why Don’t More White Americans Stand Up for Black Americans? 

Trayvon Martin: The Hip Hop Community and the GOP are complicit in their silence 

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What Does This Picture Say About The Male Role Models In Our Homes Today?

Rappers Bow Wow (Formerly Lil Bow Wow) and Soldier Boy Shows their current expression of style

Look for a show on this subject coming up real soon on Life Full Circle Radio.

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