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Allen Iverson Gets Cheered Back in Philly!!!

Love him or hate him Allen Iverson is one of the iconic figures in Basketball from the last 30 years. The enigmatic hoopster from my home town of Hampton, VA. for many years changes the rules of the game both on the court and off of it with his gritty play and signature hip hop stylings.

It was good to see him get so much love from the fans in Philly. We all know they don’t pass out cheers very easily. Kudos to you Allen AKA Bubba Chuck!

Will Smith Explains Why He Slapped the Reporter!

Video: The Problem With Same Sex Marriage

This video digs into examples of teaching homosexuality to children, a woman’s education was blocked because she wouldn’t counsel a homosexual, and a man once homosexual, who than married woman and fathered 5 children! Whatever side of this debate you are on, this video is very powerful. As we get ready for tomorrow nights, Life Full Circle Radio show on same-sex marriage, this is a “must view.”

Seniors Getting Their “Wobble” on!

By Miguel Lloyd

This has the be the coolest thing I’ve seen today!

Will Smith Backhands a Reporter!

So at a premier for Men In Black 3, a male reporter got a little too intimate the megastar Will Smith. Fortunately, The Fresh Prince, didn’t channel Ali, or he might have dropped the guy with a “two-piece!” Kudos to him for practicing some semblance of restraint.

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