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Melissa Harris-Perry’s take on Trayvon Martins Case

Stand Your Ground Law: The Story Behind The Trayvon Martin Death

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By Miguel Lloyd

This week on Life Full Circle we are asking the question that many are asking. Why is Trayvon Martin dead?

There are many stories that have circulated surrounding this story. One thing remains constant, Trayvon was unarmed and Zimmerman was not. Zimmerman outweighed Martin by 100 pounds and the 911 dispatcher clearer was trying to deter Zimmerman from pursuing. So why isn’t Zimmerman locked up? Try the “Stand Your Ground” Law.

Check back here on Life Full Circle leading up to the show Wednesday night as this story develops. We are working to secure an attorney and members of the law enforcement community as our guests. Stay Tuned.

Update: Former Jacksonville Sherriff and Current WJXT Expert Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson will be our guest.

Update: Just added as a guest tonight, is Kevin M. Cobbin, Attorney at Law  

Update: Just added, Veteran Public Defender and candidate for Judgeship, Melina Buncome will also be on our panel discussion 

Update: WESH (Orlando) Anchor Stewart Moore will give us the latest details 

Rep. Corrine Brown speaks about the Trayvon Martin death (VIDEO)

Update: The U.S. Justice Department is opening an investigation

Update: Grand Jury Investigation in Trayvon Martin Case

The Elephant in the Room, Why Don’t More White Americans Stand Up for Black Americans? 

Trayvon Martin: The Hip Hop Community and the GOP are complicit in their silence 

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Black Republicans Revolutionaries or Opportunists?

By Miguel Lloyd

UPDATE If you missed this show, you need to check it out! Especially the ladies.  Click HERE to the replay!

As someone who considers themselves a fiscal conservative, yet a social moderate, I often find myself leaning towards the ideology of the Democrats. Admittedly, like many of us, my family we’re Dems, but unlike many, that has not been my bottom line factor in leaning that way my entire voting life.  As much as I am against abortion, am a capitalist and am a person of strong Christian Faith, I also take a common sense approach that looks at the plight of poor black, brown and white people and say, “who stands up for them?” Its a position that more people are probably taking than we all realize.

This is where a lot of blacks have a conflict with Black Republicans. To ignore the plights of the poor, to stand for the elimination of some of the same social programs that helped to build the middle class that is now crumbling, seems to fly in the face of the needs of many of the family members these “revolutionary” individuals will be highly critical of at next summers family reunion. Simply, instead of only thinking of their personal life advances, some of us “liberal-minded” folks, seem to focus on pulling people up behind us, instead of stepping on their heads.

Well in the last 10-15 years there has been a growing segment of  the African American population that has made the choice to become apart of “todays” Republican Party. I emphasis, “todays” Republican Party, because one of the many talking points that Black Republicans will site, is the fact that many of the original Civil Rights activist were Republican, including MLK. Well the Republican Party of 50 Years ago, is not the GOP of today. Todays GOP, is based not just in states rights, but the support of corporate greed, limiting the rights of prisoners and ignoring the needs of the lower class. Todays Republicans, like to say they believe in the individuals rights of all Americans, yet would like to determine what individuals can do with their bodies. Todays Republicans believe that “No Compromise” is the way to effectively govern. As much as I agree with some of their fiscal conservative views, I tend to disagree with most of their other ideologies.

Admittedly, the Democrats are far from perfect. Some of these same social programs that the left supports have been instrumental in creating an air of acceptance of being in the permanent “underclass.” This life should always be about progression, not stagnation.

On this episode of Life Full Circle Radio, we will have a discussion that will include some of our Black Republican friends. We will discuss, what drove them to be a Republican, how do they deal with the scrutiny, as well as who they are supporting in the GOP race in 2012. Join us for the highly anticipated discussion.

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Respect due to Fred Shuttlesworth: Civil Rights Pioneer

Editors Note: We snatched this from a Facebook post. Eddie is one of the best bloggers you guys have probably never heard of. Enjoy

By Eddie Wisdom

Most of us are mourning the loss of a man, Steve Jobs, that was an innovator and created a platform and tools that all of use in one form or another (I-Phone, I-Tunes, I-Pad, I-Pod, Mac book, etc..). Steve Jobs was a pioneer and leader in the world of Information technology and
he will surely be missed by all.
We MUST also acknowledge, mourn the loss, and celebrate the life and never forget one of the most relentless figures of the Civil Rights Movement, the Reverend Fred Lee Shuttlesworth, who also passed away this week.
Rev. Shuttlesworth was born on March 18, 1922, in Montgomery County, Alabama. By 1950, Shuttlesworth was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, and in 1953, he became pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
In May of 1956, at a mass meeting at Bethel, Shuttlesworth established the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights (ACMHR). In December of that year, the United States Supreme Court ruled that bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama, was illegal. Shuttlesworth immediately announced that the ACMHR was going to test segregation laws in Birmingham. On Christmas night the Shuttlesworth house was blown up by sixteen sticks of Ku Klux Klan dynamite. Shuttlesworth, who landed in the basement and whose bedroom was blown apart, and visiting Deacon Charles Robinson were unharmed. Shuttlesworth, then, led a rally the very next day. He was beaten by police in 1957 for trying to enroll his daughter in an all white school and that same year joined with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and Bayard Rustin to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He also assisted the Congress on Racial Equality (CORE) in organizing the Freedom Rides. Shuttlesworth was hospitalized in 1963 as a result of being attacked by Sheriff Bull Connor’s water cannons as he led a mass nonviolent demonstration. However, Shuttlesworth continued to work to secure Birmingham’s public accommodations and the desegregation of its schools.
In 1966, Shuttlesworth became the pastor of the Greater New Light Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and served as founding director of the Shuttlesworth Housing Foundation. The recipient of numerous awards, Shuttlesworth is a remarkable figure and unsung hero of the Civil Rights Movement!!
I never met Rev. Shuttlesworth or have been honored to be in his presence, but on behalf of my family, “thank you Rev. Shuttlesworth!!” Thank you for praying, shouting, marching, and paving a way that allowed members of my family, my friends, and will allow those that will come behind us the opportunity to benefit from the adversity you and others like you had to overcome in efforts for us to be where we are today.
As a race, a community, and a country, I know we have come a long way since the dawn of the civil rights movement, but I am not blind to the fact we have not completed our journey. May you rest in peace Rev. Shuttlesworth, the responsibility of continuing to build bridges is on us now……let’s get to work!!

Is Gay The New Black?

This week on Life Full Circle Radio we will be asking the question, is Gay the new “Black”?! Why would we ask that question? Very simple. Whenwe currently talk about civil rights for Americans, we are primarily talking about the rights of homosexuals. The democrats are running on it as part of their platforms and Republicans are running from the subject as fast as they can. Sound familiar? That has been the strategy for the last 50 years when it comes to African Americans.

So as the civil rights fights are heating up in the arena of gay rights, there is a relentless fight to all but repel affirmative action in employment, education and other benefits that have been an asset for some semblance of equal treatment for blacks.

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