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Are Supporting Abortion and Supporting a Woman’s Right to Choose the Same?

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By Miguel Lloyd

This week on #LFCRadio, we are asking the question, are supporting abortion and supporting a woman’s right to choose the same thing? Now before you answer that question emphatically, one way or the other, I want you to think about that question for a minute.

If we are to not think critically, and just respond down party lines, your answer with be swift, cause your blood pressure to rise and you might even start looking for your closest picket line to jump on. But if you remove most of your emotion, you might see, how this is one the biggest dividing lines in our society today.

is this argument about contraception, woman’s rights, morality or religious control? Join us Wednesday night for this discussion on #LFCRadio!

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Would You Like a Date with the Super Producer? Get Ready To Bid!!

Would You Like a Date with the Super Producer? Get Ready To Bid!!

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With us talking about black women and your hair next week, I thought this blog was timely. Enjoy and get ready for our show next week on the sacrifices black women have to make to have “beautiful” hair.

Vintageeva's Blog

After taking out my extensions, I ended up with something like that!


It wasn’t a 100% natural because I relax my hair every 4/5 months. Imagine if I had not relaxed. It would be a nightmare. However, I decided to stay with my hair for a while and not relax it straight away (I know I should not relax it straight away in the first place). But having my natural hair was just not working out. It was a total mess and as long as I was dying to go to the hairdresser, the freezing weather outside got the best of me and ended up just staying home. The big problem is, what do you do with this nappy not-so-healthy-with-split-ends hair when you need to go out and have fun around town? Well, that was my dilemma so I had to improvise and ended up with an improvised high…

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Surgeon General says that Black Women sacrifice Health for Hair!

Surgeon General tells us what we already know…Black women put more credence in their hair than their health.

Rosalind Brewer Named First African American and Woman CEO of Sam’s Club

Please check out this story on Rosalind Brewer. Many history course and classes should be adding stories like this to their curriculum during Black History Month. Click here to see the story on the Huffington Post.

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