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Are Supporting Abortion and Supporting a Woman’s Right to Choose the Same?

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By Miguel Lloyd

This week on #LFCRadio, we are asking the question, are supporting abortion and supporting a woman’s right to choose the same thing? Now before you answer that question emphatically, one way or the other, I want you to think about that question for a minute.

If we are to not think critically, and just respond down party lines, your answer with be swift, cause your blood pressure to rise and you might even start looking for your closest picket line to jump on. But if you remove most of your emotion, you might see, how this is one the biggest dividing lines in our society today.

is this argument about contraception, woman’s rights, morality or religious control? Join us Wednesday night for this discussion on #LFCRadio!

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Religion, Halloween and America’s Obsession with Fear

By Miguel Lloyd

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Admittedly we are getting ready to go through the one holiday that annoys me the most…Halloween. This is the day that people get all dressed up like ghost, witches, goblins and other demonic characters and all call it “fun.” This is the day that something that started as an honorable day of memorial, but morphed into a pagan ritual is used as another means for retail giants to make a little extra cash as they get ready for the real biggie with the guy with the jolly belly and red nose.

Well if you take a second look, this is probably just the day of the year that we, as a society, openly express our love for all things “dark.” With all the vampire, slasher and thriller movies and TV shows that come out weekly, you might say we celebrate this lifestyle daily. Even our longtime heroes like Batman, seem to be more appealing when he takes on his dark persona.

What is it about “fear” that is so intoxicating to us as a society? What is religions culpability in the exponential growth and popularity of this holiday? Are we truly making to big a deal about people just having fun? We’ll dig into this tonight. Our guest will be Rabbi Hyim Shafner.

Of course, as always, we will have our super producer, Nikkia Ganey with hot topics, Seshmi Robertson with Entertainment, Elton Gumbel with Sports and Alton Drew with the Politics segment. Join us this and every Wednesday night for the lively conversation by clicking HERE!

The Indictment of Christianity because of the transgressions of few

By Miguel Lloyd

In the last couple of weeks Bishop Eddie Long has resurfaced to the front page of the media and not for the right reasons. He has settled his case with the 4 young men who accused him of whatever they were accusing him of. The case was settled out of court, and more than likely the evidence was sealed so we probably will never know what happened. Here is what we now know. Regardless of what happened, the reality is that this is yet another reason that the Christian church will receive indictments that it does not deserve.

In addition to hosting a talk show (Life Full Circle Radio every Wednesday at 7pm EST at, I listen to a ton of talk radio. It is amazing how quick stories like this will dominate the airwaves as soon as the story hits. Its what people want to talk about. As a society we love to showcase the failures of others, instead of celebrating their successes.

I am not a member of Bishop Long’s church nor have I ever attended a service, so I can’t speak directly to the style and relevance of his messages. However, a reasonably discerning person would surmise that his congregation has been getting something out of his messages if 25,000 people have become members of his church and probably at minimum half of that on a weekly basis are attending in person. Let me be clear, do not misconstrue my opinion as a support of what Bishop Long supposedly did. If it is proven that he did sexually assault those young boys, he should be tried, by a court of law and incarcerated. However, whatever he did or did not do, is not an indictment of the body of Christ.

In our society, we are quick to scream bloody murder if anyone “infringes” on our personal liberties. Their are two institutions that we as a society believe infringes on those liberties daily. The government and the church. Governments infringement is for another blog. The perception that the church infringes on our personal liberties, is the reason that people are outright rejecting that aspect of their lives and perceiving that the “church ain’t doing nothing,” in the community. We are truly a weaker society because of this general lack of a moral compass.

The fact that people are quick to indict the church is part of the reason that ministries are so guarded about stepping outside of their four walls to serve the community. It is one of the biggest reasons that, in spite of the fact that these pastors, are some of the best life coaches we have in our society they are reluctant to speak to audiences that are outside of the church. Our skepticism as a society has resulted in some of the most grounded, loving leaders in our society to operate in fear as they attempt to lead the very people that are criticizing them for not leading.

Now today, part of the “scuttle butt” is surrounding Dr. Creflo Dollar coming out and declaring his friendship to Bishop Long and proclaiming that, according to the Word of God, that Bishop Long can be forgiven. Newsflash, according to the Word of God, that is true.

The bottom line is this. Bishop Long and his alleged transgressions do not represent all of the body of Christ and more specifically, do not represent all “megachurch” ministries. Most of these ministries are doing great work daily in their communities. I truly wish people spent more time in these churches or at minimum watching their messages on TV, before they criticize based on YouTube pundits, bloggers and other jealous preachers. You might learn something along the way.

We will discuss this in more detail on this weeks episode of Life Full Circle Radio. Of course we will have Elton Gumbel will have our sports. Join me, Miguel Lloyd and the Super Producer, Nikkia Ganey, this Wednesday for this thought provoking discussion.

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Fathers in a “fatherless” society

by Miguel Lloyd

Depending on what stats you read, as many of 40% of all children are now being born out of wedlock. Somewhere along the line the number of children raised by single mothers (either through mothers who never marry or through divorce), increases to some 70% of children are being raised in households without fathers. In the meantime, “true” fathers and their contributions are being largely ignored. On our show this week, we will talk about being a father in a “fatherless” society. Our guest will include Maurice “Boss” Brailsford, husband of Gospel Songstress, Lisa McClendon. He is the author of a book entitled, “How to Love Your Spouse’s Lover: A Story of Forgiveness. Boss has one of the most unique stories that you will ever hear. Prior to his nuptials to Lisa, he was married to his first wife who had an issue with fidelity. Although they were on their way to having 8 children together, his wife cheated on him repeatedly, yet he stayed. Why? For his children! In addition to talking with Maurice, we will talk about the importance of fathers in the home, on chastity, economics and the cycle of irresponsible men in our society.

Of course we will have Elton Gumbel will have our sports. Join me, Miguel Lloyd and the Super Producer, Nikkia Ganey, this Wednesday for this thought provoking discussion.

Our phone lines, twitter feed and facebook page is wide open, waiting on you! Give us your feedback. We’ll talk to you on Wednesday at 7pm EST.

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