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Hate on Haters…Lebron James will be fine

by Miguel Lloyd

The NBA Finals have come and gone. It was by far one of the most compelling series that I have witnessed over the last 30 years of watching hoops. The games had compelling storylines, starting with the Big 3 Vs. Dirk, to Dirk winning despite flu-like symptoms and D. Wade returning from injuries. All 4 of the first games came down to a win or lose on the last shot! What drama! When the dust settled, the winners were the better team. The Dallas Mavericks. A team made up of guys like Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, Peja Stejakovic and of course the Finals MVP, Dirk Nowitski. All guys who came close over the last 10 years, but couldn’t get past teams like the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics. Congratulations to them.

Alas, all the media, pundits and average “fly by night” fan wants to talk about is that Lebron and the Heat lost…period! Not about how great The Mavs played but how the Heat lost. Its like children on a playground pointing and laughing at the kid that trips and scraps his knee, or the high school pot head, who laughs at a kid who drops a touchdown pass or misses a dunk in the big game. Its a bunch of wanna-bees hating on the people that are doing it. To me its quite pathetic. People focusing on peoples “failures” than on their “victories”, when they aren’t good enough to be in the game in the first place.

Did Lebron choke? Did the Heat not live up to their billing? Maybe. Did the Heat play “down” to their competition? I don’t think so. I believe they ran up on a team that played superior team defense against a team that didn’t have a consistent outside shooter. That caused a crowded lane in which Lebron and D. Wade could not operate. I believe they were out coached during this series by one of the best head coaches in the league. But unfortunately, this is not about basketball. This is about people always needing a “villain.”

There are people who never watched basketball, who watched the Finals praying that the Heat lose. That was it. They watched for no other reason. The Networks loved it! The advertisers loved it! The ratings on this years finals were way up( There was plenty of product sold, because of this years finals. Yet according to CNBC, Lebron’s image may never recover ( That may be true, but Lebron on his worse day will out sell anyone on the Mavs roster and will only be challenged by D. Wade on the Heats roster. Lebron and his family will be fine.

The bottom line is, almost a year removed from “The Decision” (that raised $5 Million in in scholarship money by the way), people need to let their hate go. Criticize him for his lackluster 4th quarter performances, not making his team better down the stretch, etc but because he supposedly “dissed” Cleveland? Please stop. In a word its “pathetic.”.

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