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Sports, Entertainment and Faith: Why the industry believes they don’t mix

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By Miguel Lloyd
Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing figures in sports today. After having a very successful career at the University of Florida (2 National Championships, 1 Heisman Trophy), he was the #1 pick by the Denver Broncos in the NFL in 2010. Although many can question his mechanics as a QB, no one can question his character and his belief in Jesus Christ. Between the work he does on the field (espousing his faith externally through his “eye black” strips), to the work he does off the field, he is not apologetic about his faith and how important it is to him.
Artists like the Jonas Brothers, Tyler Perry or Denzel Washington are the exception, not the rule. Artists that openly express their faith and are very successful. But even in the cases of Perry and Washington, many in the faith feel they compromise their faith with some the roles that they have played (see Madea and Training Day respectfully). When we look at our entertainers, athletes, musicians, movie stars and television personalities espousing their faith, it is looked at as being a hinderance more than a help.  Particularly, in todays society, instead of Christianity being looked at as a beacon of light for moral development, it is treated as a restrictor of human freedoms. People simply want to live and do whatever they want to do, so to hear their entertainers talk about anything besides “partying” and individual expression is something that the entertainment industry is not willing to invest in.
On our show next Wednesday, we will dig into this subject. Why does an artist like a Beyonce'(for example), who in the early stages of her career made songs with Mary Mary , now sees it necessary to largely promote her sexuality more than her morally upright rearing. Our guest will be Christian Comedian Shedrick Garrett and Musician William Soul. If you know like I know, no one keeps it real like a comedian!
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