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AT&T To Push Windows Phone Lumia 900

As AT&T has lost market share in the iPhone market, they are redirecting much of their considerable resources to the new Nokia Windows Phone Lumia 900. According to ComScore, Verizon has all but caught AT&T in sales of the iPhone since AT&T lost exclusivity in the first quarter of 2011. Read more here.


Does it remind you of the Will Smith Film I Robot?

Super Creepy iPhone Case Makes Siri Your Best Friend

How much do you love Siri, the voice activated command feature on the new iPhone 4s? Well with this case, Siri will be your only option. Read more here. BTW…Try not to be creeped out by the picture.

Blackberry To Remove Focus from Consumer Market to Business

Touch Screen versions of the Blackberry, hasn't endeared the consumer market

After losing market share to Apple and Android, it looks like they will focus their resources on the business market. Will it save the Canadian based company? Only time will tell.

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