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Health Vs. Hair: The Battle Between The Perm and the “Firm”

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By Miguel Lloyd

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This week on Life Full Circle Radio we are going to talk about Black women, fitness and hair.

Going back to the days of middle and high school, one of the common occurrences was to see the boys playing basketball, kickball and  dodgeball during gym while, the girls sat on the side with their noses turned up looking at the boys and all their developing testosterone getting funky right before science class. Well just a couple of years earlier when those same girls were in pigtails and the class was called “recess” and not gym, they were out there right with the boys playing tag, hoop and soccer. Something happened right around the time that puberty set in for the girls. They started to listen to their moms, sisters and aunties when they told them how much their roots were tightening up because of sweat and activity. In there lies the beginning of the black woman’s dilemma. Whats more important, my perm or my “firm?”

Just added to the show is Fitness Expert, Melinda Henry

If you look around, you see black women daily with everything from short dos to long dos, weaves to grown out, dreaded to fros, rocking what they feel is there best self-expression. Than when you pan down to the rest of them the story often takes a “wider” lens. Uh oh… “Oh No he didn’t!” Yes I did. 

Now before you get your unmentionables in a bunch, this (and most of my blogs and radio shows for that matter) are about self-evaluation. I am a long way from my basketball playing weight and have to sometimes drag myself to the gym to workout. With that being said, ladies its time to take a good long look in the mirror. Do you really believe that you can eat what you want, live a sedentary lifestyle that goes from the bed, to a car that drives you to work, to a desk that you sit at all day, and back home, yet keep up that body that got you all that attention in high school and college? Really? Evidently you do, and the cure-all is a new weave or perm to work out the kinks. This just in, when I do make it to the gym, there are a lot more white women running that track or on those ellipticals than sisters (now you can officially take off your earrings and hit the roof!)

Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder will give us an sociological position on this issue

Maybe its time to take a bit more inspiration from our first lady than her fashion sense. Even with all her money and access to the best hairdressers that money can buy, her arms look much better then her do.

Now that, you are mad at me (when you should be made with Ronald McDonald, Wendy and The Burger King), I encourage you to comment below and join us this week, on Life Full Circle Radio as we will dig into this subject. I promise you, we will all be better for it.

Editors note: This is a follow to the story that was posted last week about the surgeons generals study on black women sacrificing health over hair . 

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