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Fathers in a “fatherless” society

by Miguel Lloyd

Depending on what stats you read, as many of 40% of all children are now being born out of wedlock. Somewhere along the line the number of children raised by single mothers (either through mothers who never marry or through divorce), increases to some 70% of children are being raised in households without fathers. In the meantime, “true” fathers and their contributions are being largely ignored. On our show this week, we will talk about being a father in a “fatherless” society. Our guest will include Maurice “Boss” Brailsford, husband of Gospel Songstress, Lisa McClendon. He is the author of a book entitled, “How to Love Your Spouse’s Lover: A Story of Forgiveness. Boss has one of the most unique stories that you will ever hear. Prior to his nuptials to Lisa, he was married to his first wife who had an issue with fidelity. Although they were on their way to having 8 children together, his wife cheated on him repeatedly, yet he stayed. Why? For his children! In addition to talking with Maurice, we will talk about the importance of fathers in the home, on chastity, economics and the cycle of irresponsible men in our society.

Of course we will have Elton Gumbel will have our sports. Join me, Miguel Lloyd and the Super Producer, Nikkia Ganey, this Wednesday for this thought provoking discussion.

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