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Who Are The Top Female Singers of All Times

By Miguel Lloyd

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige not on the list?

So released their lists of the top female singers of all time. For the most part it is hard to deny most of the people on this list. However, I’m not sure if having Rachelle Ferrell but not Mary J. Blige or Jill Scott is a complete list.

Not to mention, are we strictly talking the last 50-60 years, because any lists that does not include Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughan is lacking. Still for the most part, the list was pretty good, but there are some glaring omissions.

Here is the list

  1. Aretha Franklin
  2. Patti Labelle
  3. Chaka Khan
  4. Etta James
  5. Gladys Knight
  6. Natalie Cole
  7. Phyliss Hyman
  8. Dionne Warwick
  9. Whitney Houston
  10. Mariah Carey
  11. Rachelle Ferrell
  12. I will let this one be a mystery. You’ll have to go to the blog to see it.

What do you think. Who is missing off of this list?

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Addiction Often The Price Of Fame

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This week on Life Full Circle Radio we are asking the question, what is the price of “Fame”?

By Miguel Lloyd

Some of our best and brightest gone to soon, often due to addiction to many things, including fame itself

This week on Life Full Circle Radio, we will look at the price of fame. Unfortunately, Whitney Houston was not the first or the last public figure to succumb to the pressures of fame and turn to substances to ease the pain. There are many stories of artists like Rick James, Curt Cobain, Luther Vandross, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many more that chronicle the lives of stars that shined bright and died at early ages.

Some would say, that when you become a public figure, in addition to the money, you welcome the scrutiny that celebrities endure. You have must be  strong to live long lives in the industry like Quincy Jones, Patti Labelle, Herbie Hancock or Prince. Than there are others like Jennifer Holiday, Chaka Kahn, Natalie Cole and Elton John, who have been fortunate to overcome their demons to continue to have productive lives.

Phyllis Hyman Suffered through bouts with depression before taking her own life

This week on Life Full Circle Radio, we will be talking about the price of fame. Will todays stars endure or are there others on the similar path of destruction.

Miguel Lloyd is a blogger, radio host and Media entrepreneur. He hosts a weekly talk show called Life Full Circle Radio. The show includes super producer, Nikkia Ganey with hot topics, Seshmi Robertson with Entertainment, Elton Gumbel with Sports and Alton Drew with the Politics segment. Join us this and every Wednesday night for the lively conversation by clicking HERE!

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