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UNC-Chapel Hill Publishes Controversial Editorial Picture of A Dead Trayvon Martin

Another display of insensitivity to the feelings of Trayvon Martin’s family and their millions of supporters has surfaced in print and online. The Daily Tar Heel at the University North Carolina-Chapel Hill, published a picture of George Zimmerman standing over Trayvon Martin with the caption,”This wasn’t about race. I shot because I felt threatened. Skittles are full of high fructose corn syrup.” Read More here.

CNN/ORC Poll – Trayvon Martin Shooting

75% of Americans believe Trayvon Martin’s killer should be arrested. Wondering what the rest of the poll said? Read on.

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TOPICS: Trayvon Martin Shooting

Full results (pdf)

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Trayvon Martin: Hip Hop and the GOP Complicit In Their Silence

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