Marine Dismissed from the Corps Over Facebook Post About President Obama

Sgt. Gary Stein, will receive a less than honorable discharge from the Marine Corps for comments about President Obama. On a Facebook page used by the Marine meteorologists, Stein wrote “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.”

One of the many duties that the president has is, Commander and Chief of the military. Although, Stein does have free speech under the US Constitution, he also has the responsibility as an employee of the US Military to respect the office, which he clearly did not.

I guess we will soon see him on the campaign trail with other Tea Party supporters in opposition of the president.

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  1. He should have been fired. The lack of respect to the title President and towards President Obama himself has been ridiculous and non-stop. Various Governors, Senators just downright disrespectful. How many people can be so insubordinate to their superiors and not face any repercussions, their has to be ethics violations if nothing else. What other President has ever faced such disrespect, undeserving and we’ve had some horrible one’s. It’s way past time for a change and people need to lose their jobs, face demotion, etc…

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