At the time of the American Revolution there were five major social classes. They included New England merchants; Southern planters; royalists (the lawyers, notaries, and everybody else who pushed paper for the Crown; shopkeepers, artisans, and laborers; and small farmers.

England’s attack on the interests of the merchants and the planters via an imposition of taxes helped stir the Revolution. The ability of the merchants and planters to sell the lower caste shopkeepers, artisans, laborers, and small farmers on the notion that King George was trampling on their liberties as well helped bring them on board. Otherwise there was really nothing else to bind these classes together.

The doggy bone that merchants and planters were able to throw to the lower classes to nibble on has been able to hold for the last 236 years. The classes, however, have changed.

Today’s classes are the capitalists; financiers; professionals; service and retail…

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