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New Design Of #LFCRadio’s Blog! Check It Out Now!

We made some changes to the site. Check it out and give us some feedback! Thanks for your continued support! 


Does it remind you of the Will Smith Film I Robot?

Super Creepy iPhone Case Makes Siri Your Best Friend

How much do you love Siri, the voice activated command feature on the new iPhone 4s? Well with this case, Siri will be your only option. Read more here. BTW…Try not to be creeped out by the picture.

Spike Lee settles up with Elderly Couple Victimized By His Tweet

40 Acres and A Mule Director Spike Lee has settled with the elderly couple who’s address he forwarded to his 250,000+ followers. Lee was under the assumption that it was the home of Trayvon Martin killer Goerge Zimmerman. It happened to be the home of the McLain’s who had nothing to do with Zimmerman.

Terms of the settlement are undisclosed.

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