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Orlando Sentinel: According to Leaked Information from Sanford PD, Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin

According to the Orlando Sentinel, they have new information that will implicate that Trayvon Martin attacked Goerge Zimmerman and that he was acting in self-defense.

There are some obvious questions here:

1. Why is this corroborating information just coming out a month after the incident?

2. Did the Sanford PD document his injuries and why haven’t they been released?

3. What does Trayvon Martin’s suspension from school for having an empty bag with marijuana residue have to do with this incident at all?

The Sanford PD are doing their best to try Martin in the court of public opinion by presenting evidence meant to divert us from the most glaring facts. Trayvon was unarmed and the police gave very specific instructions to Zimmerman to stand down. Zimmerman’s accounts of the incident can be disputed. We will never get Martin’s account. The bullet hole to Martin’s chest at close range, is fact.

A people wonder why there are millions of people in an uproar.

CNN/ORC Poll – Trayvon Martin Shooting

75% of Americans believe Trayvon Martin’s killer should be arrested. Wondering what the rest of the poll said? Read on.

CNN Political Ticker

TOPICS: Trayvon Martin Shooting

Full results (pdf)

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