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Record Label Immediately Takes Advantage of Whitney Houston’s Death

SONY Music quickly raised the wholesale price of one of Whitney Houston’s albums, prompting retailers like iTunes to raise their prices as well. Read more of the story here.

Tom Joyner Puts Roland Martin in Check…Now What?

By Miguel Lloyd

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How will Roland respond to the public chastisement from The Fly Jock

The Fly Jock is one of the most powerful men in Black Media and he's showing it

The drama for outspoken correspondent Roland Martin continues. Now the “Fly Jock”, Tom Joyner, has issued a written “smack down” chastising him for prolonging the issue with GLAAD.

In his statement, Joyner says  “When people are offended by something we say or do, it doesn’t matter what our intentions are. The job of the offender is simply to apologize and learn a lesson about what to say or do going forward.”

He continues with “Your mission is greater than your principal.  It’s no longer about you. Now it’s grown into something bigger than you are, but only you can make right.”

2 things are going on here. He is flexing his muscle in the African-American community and he is probably responding to pressure from GLAAD as well. Interesting enough though, is there isn’t any written threat of his job being in jeopardy with the TJMS. Tom focuses on Roland’s job with CNN, not his daily correspondent segment with the TJMS. At least not yet.

Well Roland, “Check”. The next move is on you.

Oh yeah…by the way, he managed to give a backhand slap to Tavis Smiley as well. I guess he just couldn’t resist himself. Check out the full open letter here.

Wondering what this is about? Roland Martin Gets Suspended For What He Does Daily…Run His Mouth

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