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Wondering What The Kids at BYU Think About The Blacks and the “Coloreds?”

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Roland Martin Gets Suspended For What He Does Daily…Run His Mouth

By Miguel Lloyd

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CNN, Tom Joyner and TV One Contributor Has Learned The Hard Way about the LGBT Community's Sense Of Humor

Anyone who follows Roland Martin on Twitter know that he can get under your skin. Especially if you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, anyone Republican or if you are a member of any black fraternity besides Alpha Phi Alpha. He also  is an annoying advocate of any team from Houston and Texas A & M. He is a master at what is called in black culture of “playing the dozens” or “jonein.”

Through social media, Roland has mastered the art of self promotion, which has helped him fill the void of the one black guy that CNN calls on for all things political. He definitely understands the art of blending news and entertainment. Make no mistake, he’s a great political analyst.

Well during one of his many tweets during the Super Bowl, he made a critical mistake that many of us born before 1980 (he was born in 1968) make. He forgot that disrespecting the LGBT community in this day and age is the quickest path to contrition, sanctions and unemployment. Whether real or imagined, the homosexual community is not going to tolerate it.

I have talked about this many times on Life Full Circle Radio. There are a ton of us 35+ that need to be “reprogrammed.” As a child growing up in the 80s, it was common for young boys to call each other “gay”, “faggot”, “homo”, etc as a means of insulting our friends and enemies. Of course it was “cool.” Our uncles, dads, grandpas and, dare I say, mommas used those terms all the time to either demean us or motivate us to act. One of the most motivating insults to get a kid to fight a kid picking on them, was to call them a gay slur if they didn’t stand up for themselves.

Well fast forward 3o years and what do you have? A 40+ year old journalist, who ran his tweet through the 12-year-old Roland filter, instead of his current mind that should have taken into account what was at stake. His career.

Many of us have to be reprogrammed. We have to balance whatever we feel about the homosexual community, with what is culturally accepted today. Ultimately, we have to live and let live.

Make no mistake, Roland can try to spin that tweet anyway he wants. That was absolutely an insinuation that if anyone was at your Super Bowl party and thought that David Beckham’s ad, slightly made you want to buy a pair of his underwear, you needed to, figuratively, get smacked up. Why? Because you were showing attraction to a man in his drawers, and would be considered as acting “gay.”

Do I believe that his statement was to be taken literally? Of course not. Roland was simply running his mouth, or better yet his fingers…on Twitter. That is simply what he does. Once again, if you follow Roland on Twitter, you see him jousting with people all day long.

Unfortunately, he lost sight of the fact he was not in his high school gym, he is on the world’s stage for all to see. I doubt he will make that mistake again. The stakes are too high.

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