The S_ _T People Say Series is a Satirical Look at Our Prejudices

By Miguel Lloyd

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Over the last few weeks, one of the newest internet sensations has been a variance of takes on the “S” girls say series created by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard. I think we have all gotten a chuckle out of some of the images that they displayed in this production.

Since December, there are more takes on this concept than I care to Google. Some of them have been hilarious, others not so much. But whether it be gut splitting or not it has been controversial. Some peoples senses of humor haven’t responded favorably to this brand of satire. One of the most popular versions of the series is, S_ _T White Girls Say to Black Girls. It features an actress and stand up comedian with long dreads tucked under her blonde wig that has a hilarious take on her perception of what white girls think are ok to say to their black friends. The basis of her video and most that I have seen, is to shine a light on the prejudices that people in a “rainbow” circle of friends say to each other based in ignorance.

Unfortunately, for some living mentally in 1950, it seems to cripple our relationships with people, we believe, we don’t have a lot in common with. You see, for some of you ol’ heads (and I’m talking some of us 35+), this younger generation cares a lot less about race than you do. For some of them, they find it funny what our differences are more then looking at them as something that divides us. In the american society, its no longer the story of simply black, brown and white. Sorry racists, its just not that easy to categorize us anymore. What category do you put, Asians, Indians or people from the Middle East in? Do they just go in the brown category or are they more yellow? Sorry guys were not sorting crayons. with all these hues come cultural differences that I prefer my family and I to have a healthy respect for. A lot more of this younger generation are of that vane.

Unfortunately, a lot of the people that control what we see, hear and read aren’t there yet, they haven’t gotten the Facebook or Twitter message to reprogram their thinking. The result of that is white women looking at a black girl regurgitating what could be perceived as racist acts and comments towards her, turning them around to laugh at them, and than being called a racist herself. Huh? How did that happen?

Well this week on Life Full Circle Radio, we will laugh while we examine what these series of videos says about our society. Why can’t we do a self evaluation of our society, without someone always taking the easy way out and pulling the race card. Our guests will be national comedian, Shed G and Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder,
Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of North Florida.

Of course, as always, we will have our super producer, Nikkia Ganey with hot topics, Seshmi Robertson with Entertainment, Elton Gumbel with Sports and Alton Drew with the Politics segment. Join us this and every Wednesday night for the lively conversation by clicking HERE!

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