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Here is a list of Tuskegee Airmen resources from blogger, George L. Cook III.

African American Reports

Many have gone and seen Red Tails a great action movie about the legendary Tuskegee Airmen. Now take some time to learn more about the Tuskegee Airmen with these great books and DVDs about them: Tuskegee Airmen

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This is a great look into how African American characters are developed on the screen. Great Read!

The Other Sociologist

By Zuleyka Zevallos

Adam Serwer reports in Mother Jones that George Lucas’ latest film, Red Tails had trouble getting made, partly because the “studios weren’t willing to finance a film without a White protagonist as an anchor”.  Lucas’ claim can be put into wider historical context by examining the entrenched racist practices of big Hollywood studios. In particular, the idea of the “magical negro trope” puts things into perspective. This term refers to the way valiant Black characters in movies exist only as a narrative device to teach the White protagonist how to be a better person. I also delve into other variations of the “magical negro” and the gendered dimensions of these characters. Hollywood studios bemoan that paying audiences have stopped going to the cinemas. Is it any wonder, when big productions treat us all as if we’re stuck in some arcane mono-cultural bubble?

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Reality Star Deelishis and husband disagree on circumstances surrounding her rape

In this interview Deelishis (reality TV star) discusses being raped at 18. In this conversation, her husband debates with her about whether she led on her assailant. Thoughts?

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