The Plight of the Black Quarterback

By Miguel Lloyd

UPDATE!!! If you missed the show, check out the replay!  here 

This Sunday Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles will travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons. For many football fans, when they think about Atlanta and football, you had three thoughts. Deion Sanders, Michael Vick and futility. Well in 2011, the Falcons are coming off of a 14-2 season, and they have a solid QB in Matt Ryan. With that being said, the story of this game is not the reigning NFC South champions, it’s all about the return of the rehabilitated Vick.

Before you PETA supporters start tearing in to me about Vick’s transgressions, I am not a Vick apologist when it comes to his dog fighting escapades. This blog and and the upcoming show is about the plight of the black quarterback not dogs.

There is no other job in sports like that of the quarterback. Unlike a PG in basketball or a starting pitcher in baseball, the QB has a direct effect on every offensive play that is ran. Some fans of tennis, track & field or golf may say as individual sports, their athletes have more pressure when they compete. There isn’t anyone else to blame if they lose. Tennis players unlike golfers are not even allowed to be coached during their matches.

There is one distinct difference. Football is Americas favorite past time, so the QB, is always in the crosshairs of their supporters and critics alike. They are the faces of their franchises and the league itself.

Well it seems that when we are not hearing endless stories of the greatness of Peyton Manning, Drew Bress and Aaron Rodgers, we are also hearing about the failures of Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, Vick and David Garrard. All of these QBs have had relative success, and in the case of McNabb, great success, yet the critics are always looking for their replacements. While guys like John Beck, Rex Grossman and Alex Smith keep getting chances after chances to “prove” themselves, the critics want to make great college ball players like Terrelle Pryor and Cam Newton into wide receivers because they can run fast and are built like gazelles. If any great college turned pro quarterback of the last 5 years needs to consider changing positions, its Tim Tebow, but that is not even a topic of discussion.

On our upcoming show we are going to dig into this subject. Are black quarterbacks judged by the same standard as their white counterparts, or are they judged by standards many find hard to overcome? It seems that the natural “athleticism” of the Micheal Vicks of world benefit them all throughout their amateur careers, yet it becomes an albatross around their necks on the pro level. What about the amateur coaches? Are our pop warner, high school and college coaches doing these players a disservice by not truly developing them as “prototypical” QB’s?

Join us Wednesday September 21st at 7pm EST for this conversation. Click here to tune in live or on Replay!

UPDATE-Just added as our guest will be Former Norfolk State University QB and current Penn State Assistant Coach Kermit Buggs 

Check his bio here

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  1. Please do not make your argument about color. You single out big names that everyone knows and act like you know what you are talking about but what about Tavaris Jackson, Jason Campbell or Vince Young? All three have had boundless opportunities. I applaud Vick for the strides he has made as a man and as a QB, but he still is not the “pro-typical” QB; yet he is still successful. All he needs to do is win the ever elusive ring. Do not make excuses because men with darker pigment are different but respect them for being what they are; that is what makes America what it is. And after all that is said, the league is still based on Wins and Losses… not skin color.

    • I am female and love sports, especially football. Do I care what race or skin color a player has when I watch a team play? NO! So, I agree with Josh that it all comes down to “L”‘s and “W”‘s in the end. Why do we always have to make it a race/skin color thing?? I do applaud players like Vick for his strides on the football field (as a player), but make no mistake about it – I will always remember HE also abused animals by fighting them. That is irreprehensible, no matter what color he is. I also think if a player is referred to in any genre it should be in NAME only. Leave the color of their skin out of the scenario. I really don’t care ! We will never get over it being a “color” or “race” issue if you keep making it one!!!

      • Look at Vince Young’s or Donovan McNabb’s records as starting QBs, and tell me if it’s all about “L’s” and “W’s”.

  2. Josh…There are plenty of retreads in the league that are of lighter pigmentation, that have never smelled many wins. Between Jackson, Campbell and Vince Young, non of them have been given “boundless opportunities.” However, I will agree that Jackson is not a starter in the NFL. Campbell is a solid QB that has played in multiple different systems his entire career. I believe he has had a different offensive coordinator every year he has been in the league. I hope you will tune in Wednesday and call in. I’ll definitely give you an opportunity to express your position.

  3. Everything in this article ive been saying for the past 30 years..Great Article… {Cam Newtown} here comes Greatness look up Condredge Holloway Story it started back then….

  4. Just a quick point it is not just about Ws and Ls, At the least money is involved. Garrard has a winning record in the nfl, something a few of these other qbs are far from.

  5. I think cats like Vick and cam are definatley having an effect on the flow of how the game is played…their is not many true pocket QB that can maintain under all the pressure that is getting more and more hard to deal with from these quicker more agile defense of players. Its just a natural progression that physical attributes are becoming more and more of the thing that is evolving this American game…Vick being mentor by dungy after prison really got the essense of what it takes cause I know dungy was talking to him about the mental aspect of what it takes to stay in the pocket what peytan was doing and study harder and be more focus in paying attention to detail….Not too say that alot of black QBs arent studying tape but the technique may be something special i cant really say but how you go about it makes alot of differance…. vick is truly staying in there and slinging it alot more cause of the patience and understanding he has gained with learning the game…like alot of these colleges dealin with education is a business and alot of times those that put in the time get alot more out of the game at the next level…..but some of these coaches use these kids to get too better ones never thinking about the end result of how it effects these atheletes that make it at the next level…I think the differance that comes with some of the background culture and america being so diverse and family background and basically foundation of what is made important to these black athletes is what evolves them to be better but patience is the key and with many I see the QBs come up through high school and college doing 90% on talant and 10%percent on really understanding and learning the game and then cant adjust to the amount of real studyin and breaking down tape the right way and how time consuming and redundant it can be…but its all for the love!:)

  6. Why is it when race is brought up whites get so offended? He has extremely valid points. It is amazing how we don’t want to address issues just cover them up.

  7. Why is it when race is brought up whites get so offended? He has extremely valid points. It is amazing how we don’t want to address issues just cover them up.

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