Educating The Next Generation in Todays Economy

by Miguel Lloyd

They are protesting in Wisconsin…the entire staff, including the janitors at a school in Providence, Rhode Island were fired. In both cases the blame by the administrations are laid squarely at the feet of “The Unions”. The employee’s are fighting to maintain some negotiating power to get what they consider a “living” wage. The pundits and the politicians are calling foul. They claim that it all is in the name of power and politics. In the meantime, the children of America are suffering. Suffering children, become angry adults. Budgets are real, but so are the people connected to the those budgets.

There are some who have said there is even a connection to the Middle East. Have the cries for freedom in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya caused ripples in Madison, WI. ? We will explore this legendary movement and what it means for our kids.

Of course we will have Elton Gumbel with sports and Keith Reed will give us a call to talk about his upcoming trip to the South Caribbean. We promise he’s going on business. Join me, Miguel Lloyd and the Super Producer, Nikkia Ganey, this Wednesday for this thought provoking discussion.

Our phone lines, twitter feed and facebook page is wide open, waiting on you! Give us your feedback. We’ll talk to you on Wednesday at 7pm EST.

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