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New Years Resolution, Physical Fitness and Financial Fitness

by Miguel Lloyd

On this show we will change your circumstance for 2011 and beyond as we focus on physical fitness and financial fitness. As many times as we have talked about it year to year, its time to get serious with both of these subjects.

Diabetes, heart disease and strokes are killing us daily. We can’t just blame heredity, we need to look in the mirror. Although, grandma and them died of these dreaded diseases, they also had help from the cigarettes they smoked, liquor they drank the pork and lard they cooked with. Now that we know this, why do we continue to consume these products that contribute to our demise? We will have fitness experts, Melinda Henry and Darrell Lockett to give us some great guidance and tips for the new year.

Also, we will have Keith Reed of the blog, Keith Reed’s Money Corner. He will talk financial fitness in the new year. As bad as we may think it is now, inflation is right on the financial horizon. Its time to get financially fit, so that you can handle that impending change in the fiscal landscape.

We will also look at the Good, Bad and Ugly of 2010. Our phone lines, twitter feed and facebook page is wide open, waiting on you! Give us your feedback. We’ll talk to you on Wednesday at 7pm EST.

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