Soulboxx and Lisa McClendon shows Christians how to get loose

by Miguel Lloyd

I’m going to do my best to keep this one short and sweet.

Back in mid-summer, I was away with the youth of our church on our summer retreat. Well, as rewarding as it was, it was work. You see we don’t have a small church that we could fit all of our youth on a small church van. Our caravan was, I believe three of those party buses that some of you guys like to take on those Atlantic City gambling day trips. I believe we had close to 180 teenagers that we had to supervise during that trip.

Well in order to pull that off it took a small army of adult volunteers to keep the kids safe, sound and “covered”. Although we didn’t have a lot of extra time, we did find time to fellowship a bit. During one of those times, I was talking with one of my fellow youth leaders, Norinzo Carl Haynes. He had this vision of an event where young Christians could have a fun social outlet. Somewhere, besides “church” where they could go and just relax. What came out of that is Soulboxx Cafe’. A series of events that have showcased an array of local poets and artists in and around the Jacksonville area. He has also had Leon Timbo perform as a headliner in the recent past. For some of my DMV folks, imagine Fuzzy Wednesdays, just a little more “sanctified”.

Well tonight I got “introduced” to LIsa McClendon. Some of my church folk, just gasped. “What do you mean. ‘Got introduced?’” Some of my non-church folks are like “Who?” Thats the beauty of this site and this movement. My goal is to bridge these type of gaps.

It is a introduction for me because when I got saved, for a while i turned off all “secular” music. For a lot of you who know me, you’re probably thinking that was tough. Not really. Something about BBD’s Poison just didn’t feel right in my spirit any longer. What happned was I had to relearn what I loved to listen to. The last 5+ years, its been a lot of Kirk, Mary Mary, and Fred Hammond. But it has also been a lot of artists that were no where near my radar like Kari Jobe (google her. She has a great song called “Revelation Song”).

During that transition, I missed something. There is a whole genre of Christian Music that is not that far rhythmically from what I loved. Canton Jones, Deitrick Haddon, Tye Tribbett, Dave Hollister, and Ki Ki Sheard are just a few artist that you can still bump in your ride. One of the leaders in that space is Lisa McClendon.

Saved and sanctified family, please forgive me for this remedial moment, but I have to get my other family up to speed. Imagine a soulful mix of L-Boogie and Ledisi, with an eclectic fashion style of India Irie with the stage presence of Jill Scott and there you have Lisa McClendon. This girl was great as a performer as she “ministered” in song and dialogue to the audience. She of course performed some of her more familiar tunes like Pause and Thank You (familiar to most in the room but me. But I’m on it now!). She also performed her new single El Shaddai. A great worship song made famous by Amy Gant. In the midst of that she managed to bless us with a serenade to her husband, as she chastised the married folks in the room for trying to procreate to Fred Hammond or her classic You Are Holy. There is just something inappropriate about “loving” to the The Best of Me by Marvin Sapp. It was a great song that AS SOON as it is available married folks need to scoop that up. What’s the name of the song? Good question. The theme of the song was centered around Christmas night, once all the family leaves and its time for some quality time. It will be on her soon to be released Christmas album. As soon as I get the correct title, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, if you’re using the excuse that you aren’t ready to get “saved” because you think being a Christian is boring, sisters like Lisa McClendon are squashing that rationale.

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